A Million Dollar Blog Post For Charity?

Filed under: Events — @ December 26, 2006

The old Walt Disney classic melody says, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.” So, in that spirit I want you to make a wish. You heard me, imagine for a moment that you were granted just one wish for the entire world (no wishing for infinite wishes, though!). What would it be?

Think long and hard about this because your answer is going to join what is hoped to be a total of one million comments to The Million Dollar Blog Post: Your Internet Wishing Well as part of the blog Gifter.org. This is an amibitious undertaking, but the people behind this effort are 100% committed to making it happen.

So again, let’s go back to the question at hand:

If you could make one wish for the world, what would it be?

There’s no right or wrong answer, just say what you feel. Is there something wrong about the world now that you would change? Then share it! Could the world be made better with the idea you have in mind? Don’t hesitate to reveal what it is. Who knows, you may start a chain reaction of ideas from people with your suggestion.

The best part of this endeavor is the fact that for every single wish that is posted, the folks at Gifter.org will make sure $1 is donated to charity. WHOA!

1 comment=$1 to charity
1,000 comments=$1,000 to charity
1,000,000 comments=$1 million to charity

WOWsers!!! Can you imagine the impact of something like this if a million people would go and leave their wish at this blog?

Here’s the stated purpose of this effort:

“Do it as a way of coming together with others, to show you care about everyone else around you. Do it to demonstrate your generosity and hopefulness,” according to the Gifter.org blog.

The organizers are confident that with enough word of mouth about what they are doing, they will be able to garner the million comments to generate the million dollars. But they do need your help.

“Help us spread the word by blogging about this project. Tell everyone you know.
Read other people’s wishes. Get a feel for people’s hopes and dreams for our world. Build a great community. It’s as simple as that.”

Simple as that! In fact, go ahead and leave your wish right now, it’ll take like one minute or less to do. If you feel so inclined to donate money to the charity of your choice, then there’s a way for you to do that, too.

The overall purpose of this project is to create a community of people who can share positive ideas with each other about how to make the world a better place to live.

“Share the ideas, spread the word – if you believe in these ideas then they will gain power. As each person shares, the ideas become stronger. Can a few ideas change the world? We believe so. We invite you to believe with us.”

Click here if you are ready to start believing!


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