Don’t Turn To Food For The Post-Christmas Blues

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ December 26, 2006

So, did you have a great Christmas? It’s unfortunate that some people get so worked up about Christmas that they stress themselves out to the point that they NEVER enjoy it. Wassup with that? Christmas is supposed to be joyous and magical–anything else ISN’T Christmas!

But, I realize today is the beginning of the letdown for a lot of folks. We have all this big buildup of emotions and expectations leading up to Christmas Day. Yet, December 26th rolls around and…POOF! It’s all gone. As the song from the early 90s said, “Back to life, back to reality.” 8-O HOW TRUE, HOW TRUE!

Some people will attempt to drown out their sorrows with alcohol, others with drugs. But the mind-numbing, pain relieving choice of millions more is the sedating effect that comes from stuffing your mouth full of big chunks of sugary, high-carb comfort foods. We’ve all done it, too!

Grabbing a great big bowl and scooping out about a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, smothered and covered with Hershey’s syrup, gooey caramel, crushed-up Oreo Cookies, those Rainbow sprinkle thingys, lots of whipped cream, and don’t forget the cherry on top! Sound familiar anyone?

The truth is we ALL get down in the dumps whether it’s after Christmas, following the loss of a loved one, losing your job, going through a difficult circumstance in your marriage…I think you get the picture. Sorrow and hurt are all around us, but how do we keep from turning to food when life seems to be unraveling?

Find out how I have been able to maintain my 180+ pound low-carb weight loss and resisted the temptation to use food as a drug by clicking here.


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