It’s Time To Rock For SUGAR SHOCK!

Filed under: Publications — @ December 26, 2006

The exciting debut book from Connie Bennett is here!

In August I warned you to brace yourself for it. Then, a couple of weeks ago I implored you to be ready for this moment and now it has arrived. What is it?

Now that it’s Tuesday, December 26, 2006, today marks the long-awaited worldwide debut book release from Connie Bennett entitled SUGAR SHOCK!: How Sweets And Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life–And How You Can Get Back On Track! (read my review of this book). Stop RIGHT NOW and GO GET THIS BOOK TODAY or you can ORDER IT NOW from Amazon at a special price around $10 for a limited introductory promotional price. It won’t stay at that low price for long, so get it while you can and you’ll even qualify for FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING, too!

SUGAR SHOCK! has been several years in the making and will be well worth every penny you invest in this labor of love that Connie has put into it. You’ll find page after page of informative, educational, and uplifting messages of hope and inspiration that a life without sugar can be a sweet ride indeed.

Start thinking about the people in your life who are addicted to sugar. Maybe it’s YOU or your husband, kids, a co-worker, that friend from church…ANYONE who needs serious help overcoming their love affair with sugar which has left their weight and health in shambles. SUGAR SHOCK! will help them pick up the pieces and guide them on the path to success in a nonthreatening and sometimes humorous manner.

The thing I like most about Connie Bennett is her honesty. She doesn’t sugarcoat (ALL PUN INTENDED!) her own experiences because she wants people to know about the process of feeling like you can’t live without sugar into someone who describes herself now as a “sugar shrew no more!” SUGAR SHOCK! points you in the right direction for shunning sugar forever.

Above everything else, Connie is one of us. She supports livin’ la vida low-carb and gives credit to the low-carb lifestyle throughout her book. Unlike some “other” books about sugar that are out there (ahem, no names here!) which SLAM low-carb living as quackery and unrealistic, Connie Bennetts lays the TRUTH out there for everyone to see and is unashamed of her stance. I admire that about her and feel her embracing of genuine low-carb living merits a closer look by those of us who advocate this incredible way of life.

With New Year’s resolutions coming next week, what better time to START thinking about kicking your sugar habit than on January 1, 2007? Go get SUGAR SHOCK! TODAY so you will be armed and ready to make that commitment in earnest by this time next week. I promise you it will be all worth it.

Actually, January 1st will be my three year anniversary since I totally quit sugar cold turkey and it’s a decision I have NEVER regretted. Today, just the thought of putting sugar in my mouth absolutely repulses me. It’s disgusting to even think about, let alone actually do it. Let SUGAR SHOCK! show YOU how that can happen in your life, too.

Let’s rally behind Connie Bennett’s SUGAR SHOCK! and send that book soaring up the bestseller charts. People need to know the truth and Connie gives healthy doses of it in her spectacular debut!

You’ve got some Christmas cash, so get this book in a flash! I know Connie will be eternally grateful for your commitment to her book as you share about it with others who desperately need to learn from it. They’re definitely going to be in for the SUGAR SHOCK! of their lives!


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