Atkins Diet Legacy Continued By Dr. Salerno

Filed under: Publications — @ December 29, 2006

Dr. Salerno wants to continue on the great legacy of Dr. Robert C. Atkins

There’s another graduate from the Dr. Robert C. Atkins School of Nutrition I’d like to introduce you to today. His name is Dr. John P. Salerno and he worked directly with the late great one at The Atkins Center For Complementary Medicine beginning in July 2002 until Dr. Atkins’ untimely death in 2004. But the indelible impression that was left upon Dr. Salerno is stronger than ever as we approach 2007.

Dr. Salerno started his own holistic clinic imploring changes in diet and nutrition called The Salerno Center For Complementary Medicine where he uses the training he learned from Dr. Atkins to provide the highest quality of healthcare using a low-carb dietary approach along with the right mix of vitamins and minerals, detoxification methods, and all-natural hormone therapy. With 15 years of experience, which includes some teaching at the prestigious Yale Medical School, Dr. Salerno has the credentials and the expertise to provide solid information about livin’ la vida low-carb.

That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce to you his new blog called The Salerno Strategy. Just like other Atkins disciples such as Jackie Eberstein, Valerie Berkowitz and her husband Dr. Keith Berkowitz at the Center For Balanced Health, and Dr. Mary C. Vernon, Dr. Salerno is still sharing the positive message of the low-carb lifestyle with people who desperately need to heed the lessons of the man who deserves to be praised for what he did to truly revolutionize health and nutrition forever.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Salerno’s new blog and how YOU can have your questions about low-carb living answered by one of the premier authorities on the Atkins diet today.


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