New Low-Carb Blog Reader Gets An Explanation

Filed under: Publications — @ December 30, 2006

One of the pitfalls of blogging that I’ve noticed since I started doing this nearly two years ago is the fact that there are brand new readers who find out about you for the very first time each and every day. Quite literally, tens of thousands of new readers stumble upon and read the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog and my columns here at CarbWire each month and I am extremely grateful for that.

But what inevitably happens is someone will read a single column that I have written without knowing who this Jimmy Moore fella is and the context of the more than 1,400 articles I have written since April 2005. Many of these critics wonder how I came up with my opinions and sometimes misunderstand what I have written. It happens ALL THE TIME and I’ve really come to expect it.

Generally I kindly reply back to the person who e-mailed me providing links to other blog posts I have previously written as well as clearly explaining where I am coming from. Do I HAVE to do this? Of course not. Yet in the context of sharing ideas and attempting to educate people on my perspective, I cheerfully do it.

Today I received another one of these kind of e-mails from a man who is obviously a brand new reader since he said he “spotted” my blog post from Thursday about a McDonald’s restaurant closing down because of competition from the neighborhood farmers’ market. To answer this critic and help educate the public, I individually responded to each of his criticisms about my column much in the same way I would in a typical e-mail reply.

Click here to read what his problem was with my post about a McDonald’s restaurant closing down and my response to his concerns.


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