Weight Loss Story Featuring Atkins, Kimkins Success In People Magazine

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Low-carb success on cover of January 8, 2007 issue of People magazine

I suppose I now owe the editors at People magazine an apology. Last year about this time, I openly berated them at my blog for ignoring all the wonderful livin’ la vida low-carb weight loss success stories in their annual “Half Their Size” column that comes out during the first week of the new year. They had printed story after story of people who had lost weight on virtually EVERY OTHER DIET out there, but not low-carb. In fact, there wasn’t even a single example of someone who had lost weight following what is arguably the hottest diet out there today–the low-carb South Beach Diet program!

In fact, here’s a quote from that blog post I wrote about this subject:

If I was your average Joe reading this People magazine article, then I would conclude that NOBODY is doing low-carb to lose weight anymore or else they would have shown at least a singular example. But it wasn’t in there. Was it a simple act of omission by the People magazine editor or did they purposely avoid any and all low-carb weight loss successes for whatever reason?

Yes, I was just a tad bit upset about this because people who regularly read my blog get to see some truly remarkable transformations that have resulted from the low-carb lifestyle all the time. In fact, you can read any of the OVER 30 low-carb weight loss success stories that I have posted at my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Links” blog. They are just as inspirational and motivational as the ones People magazine printed.

Well, I guess the editors got the message for 2007 because they actually featured a woman who lost weight using low-carb to do it, too. But they did even one better than that–THEY PUT HER ON THE FRONT COVER!!! WOW! Now that’s an “I’m sorry we forgot about you” if I ever saw one! Our low-carb weight loss champion is the lady on the right side of the front cover of the January 8, 2007 issue of People magazine.

First Atkins, then Kimkins helped Mary Smith shed 110 pounds

Her name is Mary Smith and she lost weight by first going on the Atkins Diet primarily and then tweaking it into her own low-carb plan. She serves as a strong ambassador of the change low-carb living can still bring people in 2007.

Click here to read more about Mary Smith’s inspirational low-carb weight loss success story being featured in the current issue of People magazine and be sure to pick up your copy TODAY!


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