#1 Newspaper In America Seeking Weight Loss Success Stories

Filed under: Publications — @ January 3, 2007

America’s #1 newspaper to publish series of weight loss success stories

The bestselling newspaper in America by far is USA Today which can be found virtually everywhere newspapers are sold. It’s arguably the most recognized paper in the media today read by literally tens of millions of people on a daily basis. I’ve always enyoyed the look and format of USA Today because they set themselves apart from the rest.

With all these eyeballs looking at this newspaper on a daily basis, how would you like to be featured in one of a series of upcoming stories? Does that sound appealing to you? Yeah, I thought it would. It seems they are looking for weight loss success stories who have met the following criteria:

- Lost 25 pounds or more
- Kept the weight off for at least a few months up to many years

That’s it! So, if you’ve been a weight loss champion and want others to read about what you did to shed the pounds, then USA Today wants to hear from you. They have promised to feature a “sampling of readers” both in the newspaper and at their web site located at USAToday.com.

Find out how YOU can enter your weight loss success story to USA Today and read what I sent to them about my low-carb weight loss experience by clicking here.

Let them hear from YOU if you are a weight loss success because you may be the person who inspires Mr. or Mrs. Obese American to finally do something about their weight problem. Let me know if you hear back from USA Today!


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