Study: ‘Healthiest’ Diet Is Low-Carb, High-Protein, High-Fat

Filed under: Study — @ January 4, 2007

Dr. Eric Dewailly says a high-protein, high-fat Inuit diet is “healthiest”

An ongoing study presented in mid-December at a Canadian research forum called ArcticNet is going to turn conventional wisdom on its head yet again about what kind of diet is truly protective against heart disease and cancer. And guess what? It ain’t the failed low-fat diet either!

Lead researcher Dr. Eric Dewailly from Laval University observed the health of nearly 1,000 Inuit living in the northern section of Quebec where the diet consists primarily of wild game and very little carbohydrates. Despite the fact that the Inuit people ate a rather high-protein, high-fat diet, Dr. Dewailly said this kind of nutritional approach actually PROTECTS against both heart disease and cancer.

Not only have recent studies concluded there are no long-term heart health complications from eating a low-carb diet, but now this research confirms what most low-carbers already knew–there are plenty of BENEFITS to heart health when you are on the low-carb lifestyle!

Dr. Dewailly also explained that the Inuit people get selenium from eating whale skin which makes prostate cancer virtually nonexistant as well as most other cancers. But you can’t discount the fact that a sugar-free diet protects against pancreatic cancer while a low-carb diet has been found to prevent esophageal cancer. Where is the news coverage of these scientific studies?

“The traditional Inuit diet is fats and proteins, no sugar at all,” Dr. Dewailly explained. “It is probably one of the healthiest diets you can have. The human body is built for that.”

Read more about what else Dr. Eric Dewailly discovered about the low-carb Inuit diet and what has happened to the health of the Inuits people who have gotten away from their native diet by clicking here.


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