Dogs Don’t Need Weight Loss Drugs, They Need To Play More

Filed under: In The News — @ January 6, 2007

Pfizer’s prescription drugs have gone to the dogs

Just when you thought the pharmaceutical industry in the United States couldn’t get any crazier or overzealous than it already has developing all these so-called miracle drugs to cure every ailment known to mankind, along comes a story about a new anti-obesity drug that reminds me why these gold-digging scheisters need to be locked up in prison with the key thrown away for their dishonesty and deception on the public.

The culprit this time around is the infamous Pfizer Inc., whose #1 bestselling cholesterol-lowering medication Lipitor brought down a cool $13 BILLION in revenue in 2006 (plus a few lawsuits and then a class action lawsuit about its safety which is still going through the courts), and now they’re aiming for canines with their new drug called Slentrol, aka dirlotapide.

Slentrol is the first prescription diet pill designed for your pudgy pet pooch. As if all the plethora of weight loss pills for humans wasn’t bad enough (with some of them being fined for false advertising just this week!), Pfizer believes they have discovered the next breakthrough wonder drug that will cure obesity in the nearly 20 million dogs who are currently either overweight or obese.

CHA-CHING CHA-CHING! Pfizer sees dollar signs in this!

This doggie obesity drug is basically a fat blocker that prevents the absorption of fat in their bodies while working as an appetite suppressant to keep your dog from overeating. The Food And Drug Administration happily approves of Slentrol for use on family dogs nationwide.

But what about the side effects on your four-legged friend? Well, they say this drug ONLY causes loose stools, diarrhea, vomiting, an overwhelming feeling of being tired, and a loss of appetite. Is that all?

Click here to read more disturbing news about this new miracle wonder drug for dogs from Pfizer and why it’s probably better to just put your dog on a high-fat, low-carb diet instead!


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