How-To-Do Atkins Weight Loss Videos Are Back!

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ January 9, 2007

It’s 2007 now and everything seems to be coming back to normal again following the busy holiday season. With that in mind, I’ve been feeling like there was something missing lately and then it dawned on me–WHERE DID ALL THOSE EXCELLENT ATKINS VIDEOS FROM KENT ALTENA GO?

For those of you new to CarbWire, Kent is a fellow 200-pound weight loss success thanks to the low-carb lifestyle and released a series of incredible “how-to” videos for people starting the Atkins diet in the Fall 2006.

In case you missed them, Kent addressed:

- The Basics Of The Atkins Diet
- What Do You Eat On Induction?
- Is There Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
- Getting Through The Atkins Flu
- How Much Weight Can You Lose On Induction?
- Making Mashed Faux-tatoes w/Cauliflower
- Accountability In Your Weight Loss Efforts
- Cheating On Your Low-Carb Diet
- Exercise While On Atkins
- Low-Carb Pizza Recipe
- Should You Load Up On Carbs Before Running A Race?
- The Role Of Water When You Are Low-Carbing
- The Right Kind Of Supplements To Take On Atkins
- Kent Runs And Completes His First Half-Marathon
- A Low-Carb Holiday Survival Guide
- Debating The Value Of Counting “Net Carbs”

As you can see, Kent was quite prolific in the few months he was doing these amazing videos on YouTube. But since early November, there’s been nothing but crickets. Dead silence. I chalked it up to the holidays, so I decided to contact Kent this week to see if he would be resuming his videos again.

He answered my e-mail and even posted this at his blog to explain his absence:



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