Calling Candy Addicts! Hooked on the Stuff? Already Conquered Your Candy Captivity? A National TV Newsmagazine Wants YOU! Reply By Jan. 17

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Hey, Candy Addicts or Ex-Candy Addicts, listen up!

A nationally syndicated TV newsmagazine is doing an exciting segment, “Addicted to Candy.” The show’s producers are now seeking men and/or women who are now in the throes of an almost debilitating candy addiction or who’ve already overcome their candy habit (for about a year) and are now “ex-candy addicts.”

Come on, folks, you know who you are! This is your chance to not only capture the limelight and confront this crippling embarrassment but to help MILLIONS of other people learn about their sugar issues, too.

* Do you hide chocolate in your drawer at work and/ or in your car or your briefcase and/or tote bag? (No need to cower from the truth. Many people out there are doing this!)
* Maybe you need a licorice break every hour or two?
* Or perhaps you can’t pass by a grocery store without buying those enticing gooey candies that seem to call out to you?

(Sure sounds familiar to me! Back in 1998, I would have had to say “yes” to all those questions! Yikes! But today, I now laugh about my “Sugar Shrew” days, and I’m here to help you!)

Anyhow, this national TV show knows, of course, that folks of all ages, shapes and sizes can be afflicted with desires for candy fixes, they’re specifically seeking people of a normal weight for their height.

Please respond by Wed., Jan. 17, at 5 p.m. and include the following info:

* Your vital stats (you know, age, sex, city where you live, phone number, working e-mail address).
* Info about how your candy addiction manifests in your daily life.
* No photo needed right away, but as you go through the screening process, you’ll be contacted and eventually asked for one. (Don’t send one just yet. You don’t want to inundate the poor producers!)

Remember, if you’ve already confronted your addiction and now can happily call yourself an ex-candy addict (or recovered candy addict), this TV show wants you, too. Here’s what they’re seeking:

* You should now be living a healthy life and are over your habit for no more than a year.
* Include all the info stated above, plus describe your past addiction and how you overcame it.
* Provide info on what you now do now to maintain your sugar-free, “ex-addict” status.

To protect this poor TV producer from being too inundated, write to me here first on this blog. Just post a comment. (Do not e-mail the address cited on my About page, because I’min the process of switching providers.) Just post your here on my SUGAR SHOCK! Blog. Rest assured that no one but me will see it, and I’ll pass on your info to the TV show.

This sounds like one exciting program! This TV newsmagazine intends to wake people up to this national candy-addiction problem with a great segment. Help them out now!

For readers of this blog, please post a comment here, making sure to include your contact info and stories. Your remarks are moderated so no one will see them but me. I’ll then pass the info onto the producer.


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