Beauty Tip Of The Day: Avoid Sugar Like The Plague

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ January 12, 2007

Christina Jones extols the virtues of shunning sugar

You never know who is reading what you write about sometimes, so it’s nice to find out someone else thinks highly of the work you are doing. But of all the places in the world that would say nice things about me and my columns, the very last place I would think of is a beauty blog. But that’s EXACTLY what happened when Christina Jones at the eBeauty Daily blog did.

Here’s what she wrote about low-carb living:

“I have been a proponent of a low carb diet from the first time I ever tried it– breaking that craving for sugar/carbs was every bit as horrid as quitting smoking. Well, darned near that bad. With withdrawals that are that bad, I have NO doubt that sugar must be truly awful for your body. And mine. Of course, I am sucked right in to a sugar addiction at the moment–the worst thing for me to give up is milk. I LOVE milk, and always have. Way too much.”

Whoa! That’s so awesome to see a beauty expert prop up the healthy benefits of sugar-free, low-carb living…even if she does struggle with carb addiction.

Click here to learn more about Christina Jones and how she is using the eBeauty Daily blog to help improve the mind, body, and spirit of people who struggle with the way they look.


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