‘The Low-Carb Show Podcast’ With Marc Sage Premiers

Filed under: Publications — @ January 12, 2007

Marc Sage is taking his ongoing low-carb journey to podcasting

People ask me all the time what they can do to be as successful at losing weight as I was. Aside from my usual find a plan, do that plan, and keep doing that plan advice that has become my mantra these days, I also urge them to create a blog for accountability. That’s something I told the reporter from the Galveston Daily News recently when she interviewed me about why blogs are becoming such an important part of the weight loss journey.

When you share your life in a wide open format like a blog, it’s kinda hard to mess up when you know there are readers who are watching you go through this experience. Too often people simply neglect this aspect of their weight loss, but accountability is often the forgotten element that is so key to being successful.

With that said about blogging, what about podcasting? Can you imagine someone who is just starting out livin’ la vida low-carb starting his own podcast show to chronicle the experience of losing weight on this way of eating–WHILE IN THE MIDST OF DOING IT?! Well, that’s exactly what Marc Sage has done with his brand new low-carb weight loss podcast called “The Low-Carb Show Podcast” available for download on iTunes.

Click here to learn more about Marc Sage and why he decided to start a brand new low-carb podcast to chronicle his journey.


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