Why The INShape Indiana ’10-In-10′ Weight Loss Challenge Will Likely Fail

Filed under: Events — @ January 12, 2007

Gov. Daniels and Smith want Indiana to lose 10-In-10

As I was browsing around the Internet this week when I came across a brand new weight loss initiative in the state of Indiana similar to the “Shrinkdown” campaign that is happening in my home state of South Carolina. But imagine my surprise when I saw what they were calling it: The 10-In-10 Challenge!

Hmmm, I wonder where they could have gotten the idea for this? LOL! While I suppose the Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels, “The Biggest Loser” Indiana representative Pam Smith, and former Indiana Pacer George McGinnis could have come up with the INShape Indiana “10-In-10″ Challenge on their own, it sure sounds a whole heckuva lot like my “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge.

Right now, they are registering people in Indiana to begin the challenge starting next week when the participants will receive tips for losing the weight. But I have mixed emotions about it because of what they are recommending to these people to start living a healthier lifestyle? Can you take a wild guess at what it is?

Find out more about this well-meaning weight loss initiative happening in Indiana and why it may not be the answer to obesity they are hoping it will be by clicking here.


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