Would Low-Carb Be An ‘American Idol’ Approved Diet?

Filed under: Television — @ January 18, 2007

An estimated 37 million Americans watched ‘Idol’ debut

The runaway blockbuster cultural phenomenon “American Idol” debuted for Season 6 on Tuesday night with another record-breaking two-hour television performance that attracted 37.3 million Americans to watch the best and the worst singers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This show has become synonymous with our culture because it is people living the American dream and having the opportunity to realize that dream come true.

That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE it so much. So, yes, count me among those who tuned in to watch. But as I sat their watching getting up only to check my e-mails a time or two during the commercials, there was something that struck me about this competition as only my twisted mind could concoct.

Here it is: What if “American Idol” judged weight loss?

What?! Yeah, think about it for a moment. You have all of these people who so desperately want to show Simon, Randy, and Paula that they have what it takes to go to Hollywood, right? Tens of thousands of them pack out sports arenas thinking their ability is good enough to land them on the show.

Unfortunately for the vast majority of them, they are either not taking it seriously or are extremely delusional about their talent. Either way, they’re not going to go very far without the right performance.

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