Loose Skin After Weight Loss Doesn’t Go Away

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ January 19, 2007

Two years after losing 180 pounds, my loose skin still haunts me

It’s been over two years now since I lost the majority of my 190 pounds and my loose skin problem hasn’t gotten any better as everyone claimed it would if you would “just give it some time.” In fact, it looks like the problem has gotten even worse! MUCH WORSE!

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I’m still eating low-carb since this has become my permanent way of life and my body fat percentage has continued to drop down from over half when I used to weigh 410 pounds. I’ve even made reducing my body fat one of my goals for 2007. Nevertheless, now that I’m 220 pounds, I want to LOOK like I am 220 pounds. The fact is I don’t like what I see every single time I look in that mirror.

Click here to see more pictures of my loose skin in my stomach and thighs and why I believe skin removal surgery is the ONLY way I’ll ever be able to look at myself like everyone else sees me now.


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