‘Shrinkdown’ Weight Loss Program Run By Nutritional Renegades

Filed under: Health — @ January 20, 2007

Kelly Frazier wrote the education materials for “Shrinkdown”

I recently shared with you an initiative that is taking place in my home state of South Carolina to help people lose weight and get healthy. It’s called “Shrinkdown” and is sponsored by the local YMCA chapters. In fact, I decided to join this year to see what it was all about.

After the intial weigh-in and a check of the key health statistics a couple of weeks back, participants in the “Shrinkdown” program were given a “Healthy Living Guide” three-ring binder to bring with them to their weekly Friday weigh-ins. Additional materials have been distributed each week and will continue to for the remaining weeks in the program.

But imagine my horror on Friday when I got my new materials and saw on page 3:21 a section entitled “Why Do I Need Carbohydrates?” What the heck is this crappy health information all about and why is it in a packet about “healthy living”?!

When I looked closer for the source of this page, I saw it was from a woman named Kelly Frazier from the Department of Health & Exercise Science at the nearby Furman University in Greenville, SC who links to more information about the “Vegetarian Lifestyle” on her web site. Hmmm, if she’s being fair and balanced, then why not have a resource link to a site about the low-carb lifestyle, Ms. Frazier? You could easily link to blogs by Regina Wilshire, Dr. Michael Eades, and so many more I could go on for days listing.

You’ll most definitely want to see all the jibberish she shared about how much we need to eat carbohydrates to healthy by clicking here. This is the kind of garbage nutritional science that is being let loose on all those unsuspecting participants looking to lose weight in the “Shrinkdown” program and that’s the saddest part of it all! UGH!


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