You’ve Got To Be Kidding! The Beer Drinker’s Diet?

Filed under: Review — @ January 20, 2007

You can have your beer and drink it too on this “diet”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could drink unlimited amounts of beer and other alcoholic beverages (if that tickles your fancy) and STILL lose weight? Well, wake up from your dream buddy because it ain’t gonna happen.

But triple-digit weight loss success Bradley Scott Cailor will tell you how he incorporated beer into his unique “diet” in his enticing new weight loss book entitled The Beer Drinker’s “Diet”. Let me warn you ahead of time. This book is unlike any other weight loss books on the market today, but that’s a VERY good thing as you will quickly find out.

As someone who has lost nearly 200 pounds following what worked for me (the Atkins/low-carb nutritional approach), I thoroughly enjoyed reading the brutal honesty that Cailor brings to this book. While I certainly didn’t agree with everything he had to say regarding his philosophy on diet and nutrition, you certainly can’t beat the results–114 pounds GONE FOREVER! CONGRATULATIONS, Bradley!

Check out his incredible before and after photos:

Click here to read the rest of my review of this unique weight loss plan that’s not what you think it is.


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