Panel Looking Into Avoiding Future E. Coli Produce Outbreaks

Filed under: Health — @ January 21, 2007

Dr. Osterholm leads panel looking into E. coli produce outbreaks

After last year’s public relations nightmare following the media frenzy that ensued when the E. coli virus contaminated bagged spinach products in California killing over 100 and making thousands more sick all across the United States, the nation’s top manufacturer of ready-to-eat salads has stepped forward to take the lead in trying to prevent something like this from happening again.

Fresh Express, a subsidiary of Chiquita Brands International, Inc., is the #1 seller of bagged salads in North America with more than 20 million customers eating their healthy spinach and other green leafy vegetable products every single week. Concerned about the long-term fallout of the spinach crisis in the Fall of 2006, they have made a rather unique and unprecedented move: a $2 million donation towards an independent scientific advisory panel looking into preventing the dangerous spread of E. coli to future spinach and other produce crops.

This is a bold initiative by Fresh Express considering none of their products have ever been shown to cause any food borne illnesses in company history. Even still, they are doing everything they can to regain the public’s trust in the safety of their products, something their Food Safety Chief Jim Lugg assured me recently when I interviewed him about this subject.

The panel consists of six nationally recognized food safety experts from both the state and federal government levels who have been looking into the E. coli problems on a voluntary basis since May 2006 to determine why the contamination is happening.

Find out who makes up this panel of experts and how they are working to keep us safe from any future E. coli outbreaks with fresh produce by clicking here.


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