Loosy Goosy About Loose Skin Controversy

Filed under: Events — @ January 23, 2007

My recent column about continuing to deal with loose skin following my 190-pound low-carb weight loss has certainly lit a fire in many of you who have shared your heart about this subject in e-mails to me the past few days. I appreciate the well wishes and messages of support for me as I contemplate having the skin removal surgery.

Many of the naysayers have made their point already, so CLICK HERE to see some reaction from others who have something positive to say about having skin removal surgery done.

I have heard countless numbers of stories from people who have had a tummy tuck to deal with their loose skin and they are so glad they did it not just for how they look, but also how awesome it made them feel.

I WILL do it and try to keep at my weight loss attempts at the same time, too. All of this discussion would be for naught if I gained the weight back, so staying committed to controlling my weight will insure that I’ll be ready when the time comes for the skin to be removed at last. I CAN’T WAIT!

What do you think? Share your thoughts about this sensitive subject by clicking here.


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