Nutrition Expert Concerned About Low-Carb, But Willing To Learn

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My blog post from last Friday about the nutritionist who wrote the educational materials for the South Carolina “Shrinkdown” event where literally thousands of people in my home state are seeking to lose weight and get healthy caused quite a stir, primarily among the family members of the author of the nutritional information being distributed to the participants.

A nutritionist from Furman University in Greenville, SC named Kelly Frazier unfortunately took my criticisms of her anti-low-carb viewpoints as exhibiting “hostility” towards her and she believed all I did was “bash” her personally. Of course, that’s not true since my comments were directed at the substance of the “Healthy Living Guide” worksheets she authored as dietary truth about carbohydrates. None of my comments were about her as a person.

It also led her two sisters–Paula and Julie Anne–to post similar comments that I should not “bash” Kelly and explaining how everyone knows just how unhealthy livin’ la vida low-carb is. Yadda yadda yadda! We’ve heard that so many times before while refuting it point-by-point here at my blog ad nauseam.

Even still, I’m willing to defend what I believe even when the tough questions are asked of me by people like Kelly who wonder how I can support such a paradoxical nutritional approach that is in the minority of support among the so-called health establishment these days. Just because we don’t conform doesn’t mean we’re wrong!

Nevertheless, although Kelly originally expressed to me the “pain” she felt from my original post, she was very open and willing to share her genuine questions about the low-carb lifestyle and was interested in hearing my responses back to each of them. I was happy to offer those answers and provide Kelly with feedback to help her understand where we are coming from as low-carb advocates.

I applaud Kelly’s willingness to exchange ideas about this subject and I am proud of her for having the courage to do it when so many other nutritionists and dietitians would simply ignore whatever a low-carb supporter would have to say. That says a lot about her character and I’m honored she would at least listen to what I have to say. THANK YOU, Kelly!

I’d like to give a special thanks to my low-carb blogging friend Regina Wilshire from the “Weight Of The Evidence” blog for assisting me with answering some of these questions from Kelly. I include links to previous posts I have written at my blog that are relevant to each question as well to give context to my answers.

Click here to see the questions nutritionist Kelly Frazier asked about the low-carb lifestyle along with my responses to each one.


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