Want A Weight Loss Buddy? Get One For Free!

Filed under: Publications — @ January 24, 2007

Weight loss shouldn’t be lonely, so why not get a buddy?

Have you taken advantage of the oustanding weight loss resource called Weight Loss Buddy yet? I’ve previously blogged about this outstanding FREE resource and was even named their “Expert of the Month” in October 2006.

I urged my readers to give Weight Loss Buddy a try for the new year and to take advantage of their generous FREE offer to join! I’m pleased that many of you have been able to find the faithful support you need as a vital part of your weight loss commitment so far. Aren’t buddies great?!

You can access quite literally thousands of people just like you who are in the extensive buddies database, experience the ONLY three-dimensional weight loss chat on the Internet today (it’s REALLY cool!), get your weight loss questions answered by any of 100+ experts, trade weight loss tips with fellow buddies and even rate whether the advice is good or not, track your water intake and weight loss progress, find a comprehensive list of tools to set reasonable goals for yourself, and even participate in a very active message board. It’s all available for FREE from Weight Loss Buddy.

Why not give it a try (did I mention it’s FREE!)? It doesn’t cost you a thing and they have made some major improvements to the site in just the past month or so. Weight Loss Buddy is probably the most user-friendly FREE weight loss support web site on the Internet today and I cannot recommend it highly enough to you if you struggle to find accountability and encouragement in your weight loss efforts.

Support is extremely important when you are livin’ la vida low-carb. So find YOUR weight loss buddy who will help you reach your ultimate goal of being thinner and healthier than you’ve ever been in your life. Don’t do it alone–get your Weight Loss Buddy TODAY!


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