Low-Carb Blog Entangled In The ‘American Idol’ Controversy

Filed under: Television — @ January 25, 2007

Melissa McNamara from CBS News quotes my blog for ‘Idol’ story

One of the hottest news stories over the past week is quite indicative of the pop culture we now endure in modern times. No, it’s not the Iraq war, it’s not President Bush’s State of the Union address, it’s not even whatever Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan are up to.

It’s American Idol and how Season 6 of the mega-hit show is somehow “meaner” than in past years.

While I’m not one to care a bit in the world about what a television show does to drum up free publicity for itself (which is EXACTLY what Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have been doing since this season debuted last week!), I will sometimes inject a relevant message in a post about what’s happening in the media. That’s exactly what I did in this post I wrote from last week asking rhetorically to provoke a little thought, “What If ‘American Idol’ Judged Weight Loss?”

Well, you never know who’s reading what you write and it turns out an executive producer at CBS News named Melissa McNamara saw my comments about the contestants on the show and decided to include them in her regular Blogophile column on Wednesday about what bloggers think about the attitude of the judges so far this season.

I had no idea I was going to be quoted, but here’s what McNamara wrote:

But many bloggers question why contestants want to go before the judges


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