A Closer Look At The Top Low-Carb Headlines This Week

Filed under: In The News — @ January 27, 2007

This has been quite the month for me to try to squeeze in everything I want to blog about, but there’s just so much going on I have been having some leftover topics that I REALLY want to blog about still waiting to be blogged. As a result, I have been resorting to something I recently dubbed machine gun blogging to try to catch up. Get ready, get set, because the topics are gonna come at you fast and furious along with my regular commentary. So, without further delay, let’s get started!

Read articles and my brief commentary about topics such as low-carb diet founder William Banting, the continuing popularity of the low-carb lifestyle in America, why our urge to overeat may be a chemical imbalance in the brain, the latest high-carb “miracle weight loss” food, and even an IQ test for gastric bypass surgery candidates by clicking here.


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