From Tears To Triumph: The Untold Story Of Low-Carb Weight Loss Success Mary Smith

Filed under: Celebrity — @ January 29, 2007

Mary Smith is smiling today, but life hasn’t always been so cheerful

Do you remember that People magazine story that hit newsstands around the beginning of the new year featuring people who are now “Half Their Size?” Well, you may recall that the beautiful blonde-headed woman on the right-hand side of the front cover is low-carb weight loss success story Mary Smith. Mary’s inspiring and dramatic 125-pound weight loss has made her a full-fledged celebrity in her community and across the country.

Mary credits the Atkins diet and general low-carb for her incredible accomplishment, but there’s more to this story than merely learning how to eat right and exercise that People magazine chose not to portray.

The forgotten part of obesity is that usually it is tied to some sort of pain that has happened in the past for so many of us. It could be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual, but that hurt is at the very center of how we allowed our weight to become so out-of-control.

For Mary Smith, it was no different.

But what she had to go through at such an early age is something NONE of us would ever want to wish upon our worst enemy because it is too cruel and inhumane to even think about.

Click here to read about the living nightmare that Mary Smith endured as a child and well into her adult life until that fateful day in July 2002 when everything finally started going right in her life (including starting and succeeding on the low-carb lifestyle!). Grab your hanky because this one’s a real tear jerker!


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