FUZE Contest Giveaway Winners Announced

Filed under: Events — @ January 29, 2007

Last Monday, I blogged about an amazing beverage product from a company called FUZE and their Slenderize line of delicious fruit-flavored, very low-sugar, low-carb drinks. The feedback I have received from so many of you has been sensational with a good many of you already familiar with the FUZE products while others heard about it for the first time here at my blog. The following are just a few of the comments I received this week.

Mary from Illinois had this to say about FUZE Slenderize:

“My husband and I have been drinking FUZE Slenderize line for quite some time now. They’re a bit hard to find in the stores, but we snatch up a bunch whenever we see them!”

Shara from Tennessee had never heard of FUZE but is now intrigued:

“Thanks for sharing about FUZE beverages. They sound so great and I can’t wait to try them!”

Jay from New Jersey is also a fan of FUZE after recently finding them:

“It was great to read this posting about FUZE beverages. I have been hooked on these for a couple of months now and every single flavor tastes amazing.”

Debi from Missouri has also tried FUZE beverages before:

“I already love FUZE, but would like to try all the flavors.”

Nicole from Michigan was enthused by my FUZE contest:

“I gotta enter your contest, Jimmy!”

Oh yeah, THE CONTEST! That’s right! So many of you were excited to take part in my FREE CASE OF FUZE SLENDERIZE giveaway and I appreciate EVERYONE who entered. I wish I could have given ALL of you some of this stuff to try, but I could only have 3 winners. Before I tell you who they were, here were the correct answers to the contest questions that were found right there at DrinkFuze.com:

- What is the slogan for FUZE beverages? Refreshingly Smart
- Who started the FUZE beverage company? Lance Collins
- Which floor is the FUZE offices located on? 3rd floor

If your answers matched these, then your entry became eligible to win and your name was thrown into the drawing for one of the three BIG prizes! Without further delay, I’d like to announce the winners at this time.

They are:


CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine, Rhea, and Susan! You each will receive a FUZE Slenderize variety pack in the mail very soon. Special THANKS to FUZE for providing these prizes for my contest. Again, THANK YOU to all of my readers who participated in this contest and I urge you to give FUZE a try. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you that!

Be looking for more giveaway contests coming soon. It’s my way of saying THANKS for your faithful and devoted readership. Keep on reading! :)


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