American Debut Of GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars

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GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars
have arrived at CarbSmart

The wait is finally over.

After first blogging about them last July, the grand United States debut of the British smash sensation GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars has come and available exclusively from our friends at CarbSmart.

Following in the footsteps of the bestselling GoLower Nut Bars, these new chocolate creme bars are a nice change of pace for people who enjoy a great-tasting nougat bar. In fact, the Chocolate flavor actually tastes like a 3 Musketeers bar! WOO HOO!

While the GoLower company originally wanted to release their Chocolate Creme Bars in Chocolate, Raspberry, and Coconut just like the nut bars, they decided not to produce the coconut flavor after several tests in the UK found customers did not like them. I was one of the people who tested all three flavors and I actually LIKED the coconut creme bars even though I do not like the coconut nut bars. Go figure!

Anyway, these GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars have 7g protein, 7g fiber, and just under 6g net carbs per serving. There are NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives or artificial sweeteners, NO Trans-fats, and made from only the finest Belgian dark chocolate available.

You may notice there are 5g sugar listed in the ingredients in each bar. When I asked Hannah Sutter, founder and CEO of GoLower, about this, she said the the British government requires any food that calls itself chocolate to be made with sugar. Hmmm, that’s interesting. So, if she tried to make it with maltitol (EEEK!) or a Splenda/ACE-K blend, they would have to call it chocolate FLAVORED. Not good!

With that said, the thin layer of chocolate that is in this bar is not enough to bother you if you are in the pre-maintenance or maintenance phases of livin’ la vida low-carb. It’s still MUCH lower in carbohydrates than a typical candy bar which can be as high as 60-70g carbs a piece. GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars are so much better!

Just like the GoLower Nut Bars, these creme bars use oligofructose and the natural flavors of the ingredients to WOW your tastebuds with a delicious and nutritious snack. Grab yourself a box or two of the GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars and let me know what you think of them!

Fans of GoLower Nut Bars will be pleased to hear that CarbSmart has an exciting special going on with them right now–they are 40% off!!! This is a good time to stock up on these superb bars when you place your order for the GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars. Don’t forget, you get FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING when you purchase $100 or more. Enter the word “induction” (without the quotes) when you checkout to receive the FREE SHIPPING.


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