Thanks To Tyra Banks For Standing Up To The ‘Fat’ Bullies

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Can you believe people are debating whether Tyra Banks is fat?

So I’m running around doing a long list of errands today when I see the front cover of the February 5, 2007 issue of People magazine on newsstands now with a picture of former supermodel Tyra Banks with the caption “You Call This Fat?” blasted across it. Say what?! This immediately captured my attention, so I opened up the magazine flipped through the article.

Despite the fact that Tyra Banks was once considered the epitome of “the look” that Hollywood and the entertainment industry has tried to convince women everywhere about what it means to be “perfect,” now turnabout is fair play as even Banks herself is being judged by her own impossibly high standard. Impossible, you say? Well, it’s true and she doesn’t like it one bit.

Banks on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 1997 Swimsuit issue

It all centers around the fact that Banks has gained about 30 pounds on her 5’10″ frame from the petite waistline she displayed during the height of her career in the late 1990s. Now that she has been retired from that life for the past two years and moved on to other passions including a highly successful television talk show and a primetime reality show, the 33-year old Banks in 2007 weighs a modest 161 pounds.

At her current height and weight, Banks is still considered “normal weight” according to her BMI reading of 23.1. But it goes back to the fact that she has always been seen as a very thin model throughout most of her career. So the general public perception is that she’s fat compared to what she used to weigh when in actuality she’s now “normal” perhaps for the first time in her life. Oh the horrors!

Too bad for Banks that reality has not stopped the media from being their typical ruthless selves in poking fun at her expense, describing her in headlines as “America’s Next Top Waddle” or “Tyra Porkchop.” Can you believe we live in a society that thinks that picture of Tyra Banks on the front cover of People magazine is of a fat person?! Man, we are one mixed up culture!

Click here to read more about this crazy story surrounding the Tyra Banks controversy (much ado about nothing if you ask me!) and how she is using this as an opportunity to share a positive message about self-image for people who are overweight or obese. Check out what this former supermodel has to say!


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