‘The Biggest Loser Australia’ DVD Giveaway Winners

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Last month I told you about a brand new workout DVD from the winner of “The Biggest Loser Australia” in 2006–Adro Sarnelli–called “The Basics.”

Along with assistance from his dedicated trainer Ray Kelly, Adro is seeking to help his fellow Australians and just about anyone around the world struggling with obesity find hope and inspiration that they can make weight loss happen for themselves just as it did for them.

To that end, Ray and Adro were generous enough to donate THREE FREE DVDs to give away to the readers of the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog. The contest ended on Thursday and now I’m ready to announce the winners.

But before I do, let me share with you some of the eclectic responses I received from people to the question, “Why do you need to exercise more?”

“I weigh 115 kg I have three kids two of whom are also overwieght, my 8 year old is 39kg and my 2 year old is 16.5kg I need help to motivate me so I can help them.”

“I need to exercise more to be able to play with my child, walk to the shop without getting puffed, do my dream of crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to have a better and healthy life.”

“I am 27, I have 3 children under 5 and am categorized by the medical profession as morbidly obese. Depressing? YES! But I don’t feel unhealthy because it is a reality I have lived for so long. The task seems so mammoth and I feel like I need to be locked up on a health retreat, for a year, for anything to work. What I am doing is not working. I need to learn new strategies now. Help me!”

“Hi! I am the biggest fan of ‘The Biggest Loser’ and I watch the show every night. I have 4 kids and have 50 kgs to lose. Because I have no babysitters, getting in a great workout in my living room while watching my kids would suit me just fine!”

“I have made the decision to no longer be where I am now. Having been overweight most of my adult life, my son who is 26 has never known me as anything except as an overweight woman. I want to change that.”

“There is a middle aged lady named Jane,
She is as funny as hell, but in pain.
She needs lots of help to remove
extra weight and then groove,
so she can enjoy life all over again!”

“I need to exercise more because I am 20kg overweight and have a full-time desk job which involves sitting in front of a computer screen 99% of each workday. My wife is also in the same situation.”

“I need to exercise more because …

- the only exercise I’m getting these days is drying myself off with the bath towel!!

- need to feel better emotionally,physically& spiritually and know exercising will do all those things for me.

- just want to be healthier and feel better about myself & keep promise to be good to myself”

“Life is short and when you are overweight or obese (as is true in my case), life becomes even shorter. I need to make exercise a part of my life to increase my life expectancy and help me live a longer happy life.”

“I need to exercise more because I have had 17 operations on my left knee, 16 operations on my right knee, and have had both kneecaps removed. I am about 40 kilos overweight, and I seriously need all the help I can get. This extra weight is probably causing some of the problems I’ve had.”

“I need to exercise more because I don’t exercise at all right now. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds by livin’ la vida low carb but my weight loss has stalled, primarily, I believe, because I don’t exercise. I know I need to start exercising and maybe this DVD will help.”

“I need to exercise more to maintain my muscle mass and increase my endurance. Exercise increases the Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor. That helps the brain cells to communicate better and we all need that! We cannot avoid growing older, but we can control HOW we age. I want to be healthy and fit!”

WOW, what an interesting set of responses! THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to enter my giveaway contest for Adro Sarnelli’s “The Basics” DVD. Now, without further delay, here are the three winners:

Kiren from Washington
Richard from Otago, New Zealand
Nicki from South Australia

CONGRATULATIONS to Kiren, Richard, and Nicki! You will be receiving your DVD sometime this month when it is released. And Aussie fans be sure to check out Season Two of “The Biggest Loser Australia” starting up this week! WOO HOO!


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