Doing Low-Carb Without Eating Fruit Isn’t The Atkins Diet

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Low-glycemic fruits are recommended for a low-carb diet

I read a column today about how important exercise is for the sake of brain function that included some rather lamebrained information perpetuating the myths about fruit consumption you are livin’ la vida low-carb that are obviously NOT based on any low-carb program I am familiar with.

Here’s the quote from the article:

Low-carb diets are all wrong. “It makes me crazy,” the medical expert in the story said, when his patients tell him they can’t eat fruit and vegetables because they’re on a low-carb diet. “Almost all the anti-aging nutrients come from carbohydrates.”

If somebody is telling their doctor they can’t eat any fruit at all because they are on a low-carb diet, then apparently they haven’t read any of the same low-carb diet books that I have. Certainly, there are a few high-sugar fruits that are not recommended for low-carbers to consume, including bananas, raisins, and even orange juice, especially during the weight loss phases because they will kick you out of ketosis just as fast as a sugary candy bar will.

I have blogged about some of my favorite low-glycemic fruits such as yummy blueberries and strawberries as well as melons and cantaloupes that have been and still are an essential part of my Atkins low-carb lifestyle. It makes me scratch my head in bewilderment whenever people ask me if I eat fruit now that I’ve lost weight. Um, I’ve been eating fruit throughout my low-carb journey, so DUH!

This may surprise people, but fruit is allowed on the Atkins diet

The truth is you can get all the healthy benefits of eating fruits on the low-carb lifestyle just as Dr. Robert C. Atkins suggested in his program.

Click here to see a list of 21 fruits that contain less than 8g carbs per serving according to Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. This ongoing myth that low-carb doesn’t include fruit just baffles me.


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