Super Bowl Ad Is A Ruse For New Drug

Filed under: Television — @ February 6, 2007

Did you see the heart “attacked” in a Super Bowl commercial?

In a sea of truly terrible Super Bowl commercials on Sunday night, there was another one that stuck out like a sore thumb in light of what I write about each day here at CarbWire. It was the man bebopping around wearing a costume of a “HEART” who is stalked by various men wearing signs on their back such as “HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE,” “OVERWEIGHT,” “DIABETES,” and “HIGH CHOLESTEROL.” I kept waiting to see what exactly they were promoting because no product was ever mentioned during the ad.

At the end when the “HEART” has been thoroughly beat up and thrown against a brick wall, you are finally directed to go to to find out more information about how to keep your heart from being beat up like the one in the commercial did. In teeny tiny little print that you could only see in the last second of the commercial, you notice this convenient little “public service annoucement” about taking care of your heart is compliments of–WHAT ELSE!–a pharmaceutical company!

More specifically, it’s from King Pharmaceuticals which has their Super Bowl ad proudly posted at their web site for all the world to see. In case you missed it or if you simply want to refamiliarize yourself with it, then watch it again RIGHT NOW…

I went to their web site myself and discovered a rather disturbing message that sadly millions of unsuspecting and curious people who watched the big game will be clicking on this week are going to be exposed to that could very well harm their health. Find out what I found they are promoting (it’s not HEALTHY living!) and why people who care about their own personal health should be forewarned by clicking here.


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