Want Weight Loss? Then STOP Focusing On Losing Weight

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ February 6, 2007

Today I have a message that is a little deep, but could very well get you over the hump of your struggle to lose weight once and for all. Stick around, because this is gonna be a good one!

We all know the secret to lasting weight loss and weight maintenance success is implementing a permanent lifestyle change, right? For most of us, that’s low-carb living! But saying it is one thing and doing it is another concept altogether.

Did you know that RIGHT NOW you have all the power and ability within that body of yours to be successful at WHATEVER you want to achieve? You REALLY do! All you have to do is want it so badly that you can taste it and invariably it will happen for you. That was my mindset when I lost 180 pounds in 2004 and it has served me well over these past few years maintaining that weight loss.

Wanna know a secret, though? Shhhhh. If you want to lose weight, then DON’T focus on LOSING WEIGHT! HUH?! Say what?! Have you gone absolutely nuts on us, Jimmy? Well, maybe. LOL! But stick with me on this point because it’s gonna blow your mind.

Click here to read the rest of my commentary about what people should be focusing on if they want to learn the way to shed the pounds and get healthy for good. If you are stuck and think you’ll never get into shape, then you don’t want to miss this message I wrote especially for YOU!


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