Deciding Drinking Diet Soda Is Right For Me

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ February 7, 2007

After five weeks off diet sodas, I decided to add them back to my diet!

On my 35th birthday on December 27, 2006, I made the fateful decision to stop drinking diet sodas for good. Why? Because I wanted to and felt at the time that it was a logical progression in my weight and health management routine.

I’ve always said losing weight was priority #1 and I have kept the weight off long enough now that I’m evaluating areas of my diet and fitness that can be examined to continue improving upon my lifestyle. It’s a good lesson for anyone who is livin’ la vida low-carb to take things incrementally rather than trying to change everything is one swell foop!

That is what led me to look at my diet soda intake seriously and make some appropriate changes in my consumption habits. Although I was not experiencing any apparent negative consequences to my weight or health from drinking these calorie-free bubbly drinks, I thought I would give it a go in 2007 to ditch them for good.

Or at least that was my goal.

I actually listed “stop drinking diet sodas” as one of my very few New Year’s resolutions to start the year. Unfortunately, though, since I was not seeing or feeling any benefit from being off of diet sodas completely for over a month, I was extremely disappointed. In fact, my weight didn’t get better, but worse–climbing back up to 229 pounds again! EEEK!

So, I decided last week with the blessing of my wife Christine to end my self-imposed diet soda embargo and started drinking diet sodas again. Christine commented that she thought it was probably a good idea since they seemed to help me more than hurt. As of today, I have been drinking my sugar-free, Splenda/ACE-K sweetened fizzy drinks (like my favorite Diet Rite brand!) again and couldn’t be happier.

Click here to find out what this one simple change did for my weight over this past week and to learn more about my general philosophy on diet soda consumption when you are on the low-carb lifestyle.


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