Steven Greenstreet Directs New Obesity Documentary

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ShineBox Media Productions
is filming an obesity documentary

Get ready, America, because there are a whole bunch of obesity awareness documentaries coming out in the next year following in the footsteps of surprising hits like Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” and the recently-released Eric Schlosser film “Fast Food Nation.”

I am aware of three new documentaries currently in production, including this one looking for people who have been scammed by weight loss gimmicks and another one that will feature a host of experts (including low-carb supporter Dr. Michael Eades, among many others) as well as influential people who are seeking to educate people about getting healthy.

The third one is from a company called ShineBox Media Productions based in Salt Lake City, Utah. This yet-to-be-titled documentary will be examining the political and socio-economic effects of the global obesity epidemic in an edgy, off-the-street account from real people struggling to figure out how we got in this obesity mess to begin with.

Obesity film director Steven Greenstreet and producer Bryan Young

The dynamic duo brainchild behind this movie are film industry veterans Steven Greenstreet and Bryan Young. Young says obesity has become much too large, both figuratively and literally, to ignore any longer.

“The issue of obesity is absolutely staggering,” he said. “When you think of the sheer numbers of it, more than 65% of all Americans are overweight or obese, and being overweight or obese causes problems that decrease our length and quality of life significantly. And we’re finding that there are more causes to the problem than simply the notion that Americans are eating more and exercising less.”

This is a point I make quite often here at my blog and I’m glad to see an independent film company is seeking to get the word out about it as well. I am especially pleased to learn they will expose the special interests in the fast food and soft drink industries who have convinced our government leaders to refrain from criticizing their products when there is clear culpability with what they are selling.

“It’s important to note that there were no representatives from any credible medical associations on the list of those attending the President’s recent conference on obesity,” Young added. “It seems to me that one would want to consult the leaders in the field of obesity when discussing private sector strategies to deal with it.”

Since Young’s documentary is still in the filming stages and is scheduled for release later this year, he is looking for people to share their story with him. There are two very specific needs he is looking to fill, including an obese single mother who is stressed out as well as a burning-the-candle-at-both-ends overweight business man. Does this describe YOU? If so, then they want your story!

But they are pretty much open to reading the experience of ANYONE who has something relevant to share that is somewhat unique and would fit the overall theme of the film. If you aren’t afraid of being filmed and want to take advantage of this opportunity to share your journey–whether you are already a weight loss success or still trying to figure out how you got to be overweight in the first place–then simply send an e-mail to

Don’t delay because production will be wrapping up soon! Let them hear from you and all the sordid details of what you have to offer them TODAY.


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