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Filed under: Health — @ February 8, 2007

My high school friend Laura Creekmore wants to “eat better”

One of my favorite blogs to pay a visit to every now and then is one called “Fixin’ Supper,” a fun cooking blog dedicated to the culinary desires of its author Laura Creekmore. Of course, I am a bit biased in favor of checking out this blog since Laura is a long-time friend of mine from high school. You may recall I featured her and her blog at “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” last year.

Anyways, I was looking around Laura’s blog today and noticed she mentioned my name in a blog post she called “Eating Like A Cardiologist.” Hmmm, sounds like it oughta be interesting, so I kept reading.

It turns out, Laura is thinking about trying to eat better for the sake of her health and to set a good example for those beautiful kids of hers. Despite the fact that she was the captain of the cheerleading squad in high school (oh how time flies when you’re living life, huh Laura!), she now struggles to eat right in her mid-30′s. Can I get a witness anyone? :D

The neat thing is Laura has two prominent weight loss success stories–both of which happen to be the result of the low-carb lifestyle–in her life.

Find out why Laura has this sudden desire to be healthy and how she plans to do it in a rather unconventional manner by clicking here.


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