Blog Booby-Trapping Your Diet?

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ February 11, 2007

Well, this isn’t exactly true for some, but it can happen!

When I saw that cartoon above, I couldn’t resist using it.

I suppose it is the irony of all ironies for someone like me who has lost nearly 200 pounds to start up something like a blog. Think about it! What did I do to lose all that weight to begin with? A structured low-carb plan (Atkins) combined with regular cardiovascular exercise helped by an iron-will determination to do this once and for all.

But then I got the notion that I wanted to start blogging about my experience, providing commentary, research, news, encouragement and inspiration on a daily basis. Quite a daunting task, but one I have willingly and thankfully undertaken for nearly two years.

So, my life consists of getting behind a computer screen type, type, typing away in response to e-mails, writing columns for my blog, and everything else that I do in my day sitting in a chair. Not exactly conducive for fitness and exercise.

Ideally, I’d love to be walking slowly on a treadmill like Mayo Clinic obesity researcher Dr. Jim Levine does. He burns so many calories in his daily activities on the computer and for basically little to no energy expenditure. When I can get the money to set it up, then I’ll be doing that.

In the meantime, am I getting fatter blogging? No. Could I be more fit if I wasn’t blogging? Questionable since I do fit in time for the gym even with my ruthless schedule. But my advice to anyone who blogs is to take frequent breaks and don’t let it consume you completely.

Otherwise, that cartoon at the top of the blog will come true!


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