Hunting Changes Habits, Slashes His Weight In Half

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Ray Hunting went from 350 pounds down to 175 over two years

I never get tired of hearing about people making the necessary changes in their life to get fit and healthy (check out this list of low-carb weight loss success stories!). So I was absolutely thrilled and inspired after reading about a man named Ray Hunting who lost an unbelievable 175 pounds–chopping himself in two!

“I lost half myself,” he exclaimed.

Hunting, 28, had allowed his weight to creep up to 350 pounds and was wearing size 60 inch pants, 3XL shirts, and was absolutely miserable with the life he had been given. The more I read his story, I couldn’t help but see myself in it time and time again which I will illustrate in a moment.

As happens to most of us who get fed up with our weight and decide to do something about it for good, Hunting had a change in his work life that sorta forced his hand into eating better. As a security officer at the Manchester, New Hampshire airport working ruthless hours, he felt compelled to eat whatever he could find in the food court–usually fast food and the junk food served by airport vendors. Not exactly healthy living!

But when his hours shifted to the overnight shift when the food stands were closed, something happened to Hunting for the first time maybe ever in his entire life–he had to start bringing his own food to eat from home. With this seemingly small change in his life, he decided the time was right to start eating better. And oh what a difference it was about to make!

However, because of the many failures at weight loss he had in the past with other “diets” he had been on, Hunting did NOT want anyone to know he was losing weight. He kept his clothes as baggy as he could get away with so nobody would see the changes he was making.

I can totally understand that mentality. While I certainly wasn’t hiding my weight loss by any stretch of the imagination, I sure wasn’t advertising it either. How arrogant would it be to say, “Hey, look at me weighing 410 pounds! I’m losing weight now!” Yaaaawwwwn. Really, Jimmy…AGAIN! Yep, I’d been down that road before and all the weight had come pouring back on that it was a bit embarrassing to tell ANYONE what I was doing.

Yet, even though I somehow knew this time would be different, it was better to just keep my big mouth shut about it and wait until others noticed. When someone brings it up, then I can explain what I am doing then and only then. But I didn’t know it was going to take until I lost about 100 pounds lost before ANYONE noticed (EEEK!). Nevertheless, I was so encouraged by the floodgate of praise that came my way from that point forward (even STILL to this day I get people complimenting me on how well I’ve kept my weight off…it’s soooo encouraging!).

For Ray Hunting, he realizes his life hasn’t just changed–it’s been RADICALLY TRANFORMED forever in so many ways that again remind me of what I have experienced following my 180+ pound low-carb weight loss success in 2004. Click here to for the rest of his remarkable weight loss success story.


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