Acurian Conducting Study On Another New Cholesterol Drug

Filed under: Health — @ February 15, 2007

A company called Acurian is conducting a clinical trial on cholesterol

You’ll never guess what I got in the mail today. If they knew this would get into the hands of Mr. “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” personally, then I would venture to guess it would have never been sent to my mailbox. :D Too bad for them, it was!

What is it? It’s an invitation to participate in a brand new clinical trial on an “investigational medicine for high cholesterol.” Yep, it a research study on yet ANOTHER drug promising to lower your cholesterol. As if we didn’t have enough already with Lipitor, Crestor, Zetia, and other such medicinal nightmares! UGH!

Technically, this letter was not addressed to Jimmy Moore, but rather my wife Christine. She was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol by her doctor, including triglycerides around 300. EEEK!

I gave her the old “ya know, if you stopped eating and drinking all that sugar then your triglycerides would fall” lecture shortly thereafter. She’s working on it now, but still has to make it a lifetime commitment. See, livin’ la vida low-carb CAN be about health and not just weight loss!

We can only assume our doctor either gave or sold his mailing list of “high-cholesterol” patients to this place conducting the study named Acurian, a clinical trial administrative company based near Philadelphia in Horsham, Pennsylvania. Interestingly, they are headquartered very closely to just about every single one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Coincidence? Don’t be a fool!

The letter itself is very limited in the information it provides about the trial itself. They are looking specifically for individuals with “high cholesterol” who are willing or have family members willing to participate.

Click here to see the surprising facts I found out about this clinical trial on a new cholesterol-lowering drug and how it will continue to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical company producing it while doing nothing to improve health.


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