‘Your Passion Podcast’ Giving Your Ideas A Platform

Filed under: Publications — @ February 15, 2007

New media businessman Benjamin Yoskovitz starts new podcast show

I’m excited to tell you about a brand new podcast show that YOU can be a part of if you want. It’s called “Your Passion Podcast” and is hosted by Ben Yoskovitz. He is the brains behind Grasshopper New Media, the network which houses my own podcast “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.”

Ben is one of those ideas kinda guys who is willing to try anything at least once. It’s all about finding what works for you and making it a successful venture. Check out some of the projects Ben has worked on and used his Midas touch to become wildly popular by reviewing his Instigator Blog.

Basically, the “Your Passion Podcast” is about this:

1. Put your finger on what you are most passionate about.
2. Come up with a one-minute script to explain why.
3. Record and submit your MP3 directly to Ben.

What an EXCELLENT way to get your ideas out there for all the world to see and hear. E-mail your MP3 file to Ben Yoskovitz.

Remember, keep your segments short, to the point, and on topic of “What’s Your Passion?” Be sure to check back often to hear what others have said that drives them personally and professionally. It should prove quite entertaining and enlightening to say the least.

“Of course, we’re keeping this clean (or relatively clean) and we’re not talking about what you’ve got hidden in your closet. We’re talking about your passions in life, business, entrepreneurship,” Ben exclaimed. “How are you going to change the world?”

Do you have something to share on the “What’s Your Passion?” Podcast? Submit your entry to Ben TODAY!


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