Drinking Diet Soda, Water Crucial In Weight Loss

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ February 16, 2007

There are plenty of subjects that are considered controversial within the realm of livin’ la vida low-carb. From the amount of carbs consumed to the use of artificial sweeteners, we as a community have a uniquely sadistic way of recklessly sabotaging what is by all intents and purposes the best nutritional approach known to mankind. I suppose there are some who just get bored with a plan that works.

That may explain why there are some who are so vehemently opposed to drinking diet soda while on a low-carb diet. I’ve never really understood this dynamic at all and simply kept smiling while the pounds melted off of me in 2004. As a former Coca-Cola addict which ballooned me up to 410 pounds, I knew I needed an alternative when I started the Atkins diet.

What I did was switch from regular Coke to diet sodas–primarily Diet Rite, Diet Coke with Splenda, Cheerwine, and Pepsi One. This was a monumental step for somebody like me who used to guzzle sugary sodas like they were nothing and NEVER drinking water.

But when I switched from regular to diet soda overnight, I also started drinking water, water, and more water. While I was losing weight, it wasn’t uncommon for me to get down two gallons of H2O daily along with my diet sodas. Yes, I’m one thirsty man, but I am thoroughly convinced this was an instrumental part of my success.

After blogging about my experience with diet soda, I was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of feedback I received from so many of my readers about this subject. It was heartening to learn so many of you find diet soda to be an integral part of your low-carb weight management plans as well. It certainly seems diet soda gets the low-carb thumbs up from many of you.

Read the comments real low-carbers shared with me about diet soda by clicking here.


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