GlaxoSmithKline Should Not Be Sponsoring Obesity Program On PBS

Filed under: Television — @ February 16, 2007

What’s GlaxoSmithKline doing sponsoring a new obesity series on PBS?

Something fishy is going on with a program about obesity coming to your friendly public television station. It seems there is a new set of programs coming out on PBS in April called “Fat: What No One Is Telling You” as part of the “Take One Step” series of shows.

From what I can see, the filmmakers are mainly going to highlight the problem rather than seek out solutions to the obesity epidemic. That’s not really my concern, but it is an interesting sidebar. (Why examine a problem in a series of shows on public television if you aren’t going to offer suggestions about how to address that problem? But I digress.)

While the subject matter is indeed an important one that needs to have a platform and is absolutely relevant programming for public television, it’s the inclusion of one particular major sponsor–pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline–who just so happens to have a brand new over-the-counter weight loss pill to offer overweight and obese people that has many concerned.

Learn more about why I believe GlaxoSmithKline should not be allowed to sponsor any programming on public television airwaves that they stand to benefit from financially by clicking here.


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