What Does A 3,817-Calorie Diet Look Like?

Filed under: Health — @ February 16, 2007

From fellow low-carb blogger Regina Wilshire:

As a nation we consumed an average 3,817-calories per person each day in 2000.

So, I had to wonder, what does 3,817-calories in a day look like?

Using the FAO data for each food group and type, I pulled a menu together in an attempt to reach 3,817-calories with, as per the consumption data, 156g of fat, 115g of protein, 20g of alcohol and 450g of carbohydrate.

In the process I had to choose foods rich with soybean oil, added sugars and include an adequate level of cereal grains to try to match the consumption pattern suggested in the data; I also limited animal fats and proteins to align with the data to reach the dietary pattern the FAO data suggests we consumed each day in 2000.

Lastly, I attempted to make this menu as realistic as possible, where an individual might think they’re eating healthy since recent surveys show the majority of people – 75% – actually do think they’re eating healthy.

What does such a day of eating potentially look like if we create a menu based on the consumption data from 2000?

Click here to see what Regina Wilshire came up with for this kind of menu.


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