Major U.S. Company Threatens To Sue Low-Carb Blogger

Filed under: Business — @ February 18, 2007

When you put yourself out there as a regular and consistent daily blogger and build up a sizeable audience of readers like I have, then it should not be surprising to learn that your readership is quite an eclectic group of people. Sure, we all have a common bond around the subject of the low-carb lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we all think and believe the same way. Thank God!

Wouldn’t life be pretty drab if all of us were exactly the same? UGH! I think I’d lose my mind if it weren’t for the variety that life tends to throw my way from time to time. Of course, that drives my wife Christine nuts because she loves the stability of predictability. But give me the ebb and flow of life any day of the week, baby!

With that said, sometimes the changing tide can get a little more intense than I would prefer it, though. For example, a major company in the United States had someone contact me at 11:00pm on Friday night (yep, when the phone rings that late, it can’t be good!) requesting that I remove a blog post I had previously written or they will contemplate forcing me to do so with legal action.

You heard me right–they threatened to sue me! This was the second time this has happened to me since I created my blog two years ago.

Okay, whatever, it’s no big deal to me…I’ll just remove the post. Sheeeez! And so I took the time to take it off of all the web sites I write for and gladly so. Again, it’s no skin off my back one way or the other.

It is not and has never been my intention to cause harm to any business or individual with the columns I write about here at my blog. I only seek to stir up debate about issues that merit further discussion by taking a firm stance on what I believe is important. That scares some people and apparently some businesses, too.

Read more about this ridiculous lawsuit threat against me from one of the largest companies in the world over a blog post I had written by clicking here.


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