What Is God’s Perfect Diet For Us?

Filed under: Health — @ February 19, 2007

God’s Word is being used by some to justify a vegetarian diet

In the arena of ideas about diet and health, I can’t help but notice a trend lately within Christian circles to start talking about weight loss from the perspective of what God would have humans eat from a Biblical perspective. For those who are nonbelievers, this kind of discussion is a non sequitur since the concept of a Creator and His instruction manual for living life are completely foreign to them.

But with tens of millions of Bible-believing, God-fearing Christians in the United States alone, anyone who quotes Scripture and makes an assertion about a subject based on verses from the Bible will at least capture the attention of the faith-based crowd and quite possibly convince them that they are right.

One of my skeptical readers who supports vegetarianism on Biblical grounds told me about a religious program she saw recently and the topic of discussion was this very subject I am blogging about today. The man gave a rather lengthy dissertation about what he believes is the proper diet for a Christian to be eating according to what he sees are the standards of the Bible. As a supporter of livin’ la vida low-carb and the amazing transformation it has brought about in my life personally, I cannot adequately communicate to you how disappointing it was to read the transcript of this utter nonsense from a supposed authority on diet and health. The worst part is he claims this is Biblical! ARGH!

Click here to read excerpts from that interview as well as the Scripture verses these well-meaning people use to back up their supposedly Biblical diet advice. Learn why most of what they believe is God’s diet is not based on what’s actually in the Word of God.


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