Hercules The ‘Fat Cat’ Becomes A Cultural Icon

Filed under: In The News — @ February 20, 2007

Hercules the cat got his 15 minutes of fame for his unusual size

Have you heard about this cat named Hercules who is most well-known for being…um, er, uh, just a wee bit chunky. Oh forget it, this cat is fat, there’s just no beating around the bush about it. He was immortalized in this The Oregonian column which told the story about how this flabby feline became a worldwide sensation.

If you haven’t heard the story, here’s the long and short of it:

Hercules was being watched by a kitty sitter while his owner who has cystic fibrosis was having a double-lung transplant. But somehow the cat ran away and was presumed to be dead. Last month, he was found rummaging around in the garage of an Oregon family’s home and stuck in the doggie door frame. The homeowner contacted the Oregon Humane Society who then let local reporters know about the discovery of this strangely large cat.

It didn’t take long for the story to take off not only locally, but then around the world when the video hit the popular web site YouTube. As of right now, this video of Hercules (who they refer to as Goliath in the video before the owner claimed him) has been seen by nearly a half million people and growing.

See the famous “Fat Cat” video for yourself:

Find out more about Hercules the “Fat Cat” and how the low-carb lifestyle could even help him get his weight down into a healthy range by clicking here.


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