Could It Be The MSG Causing Obesity?

Filed under: Health — @ February 22, 2007

Whenever you hear people talk about health and weight loss, generally the discussion focuses on the kinds and amounts of food consumed, how much exercise the person does or doesn’t do, mustering up the necessary willpower and determination to stay on a diet, and other such ideas you typically hear from the “experts.”

While all of those things are certainly an important aspect of dealing with an obesity problem, they tend to neglect something else that very well may be one of the biggest unknown factors explaining why people gain weight and keep gaining weight in the first place.

Even those of us who have committed ourselves to the low-carb lifestyle can fall victim to this hidden health and weight loss killer. What is it? I’m referring to monosodium glutamate, aka MSG.

Have you heard about MSG before? I’ve known about it personally for several years because of a former co-worker of mine named Mary who was always talking about how she has to strictly avoid this ingredient at all costs because it caused all sorts of health problems for her. As a result, Mary voraciously reads food labels looking for this hidden ingredient that is becoming more and more difficult to identify.

People who enjoy Asian food have very likely consumed MSG at some point whether they know it or not and quite possibly could have experienced what has been referred to as “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome” where diners have such symptoms as flushing, tightness of the chest, trouble breathing, and even worse. This is why many Chinese restaurants are now advertising the fact that they are MSG-free.

Although the FDA declared MSG “generally recognized as safe” back in 1959, the questions surrounding the health implications of this additive still remain strong in 2007 (as my story about Mary and her experience represents).

Find out why many people honestly believe MSG is being secretly put in the foods we eat by food manufacturers to make people fat and keep them that way by clicking here.


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