Diet Pepsi MAX: Sugar-Free, No-Calorie ‘Invigorating’ Energy Soda

Filed under: New Product — @ February 23, 2007

The “invigorating” Diet Pepsi MAX drink arrives June 2007

In what is an obvious response to The Coca-Cola Company’s hip and hot new low-carb energy drink product called Enviga, Pepsi-Cola North America today announced the creation of a brand new low-carb energy drink of their own called Diet Pepsi MAX.

There is very limited information available about this new Pepsi product releasing nationwide in June, but we do know it has zero calories and is fortified with extra caffeine and a little bit of ginseng to help “adults to get through the day.” Pepsi has high hopes that this product will compete directly with Enviga and other similar energy drinks that have dominated the beverage market in recent years.

Nicknamed the “invigorating cola,” Diet Pepsi MAX, which has done very well in test marketing with real consumers, is a product aimed at the 25-34 year-old demographic as well as anyone who is transitioning from sugary soda to diet soda. Even before I saw what it was sweetened with, I already knew Pepsi would be using a version of the ACE-K blends that have become popular with their current product line, including Pepsi One (made with Splenda) and the brand new Diet Pepsi Jazz (which has aspartame in it).

Click here to learn more about this new diet energy soda coming from Pepsi in early summer.


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