Popular Low-Carb Manufacturer Goes Out Of Business

Filed under: Business — @ February 23, 2007

Low-carb manufacturer Eat Well Be Well has closed its doors for good

I’m gonna report on a news story about low-carb pretending I am a member of the traditional media for just a moment.

HEADLINE: The Low-Carb Fad Is Fading Fast
In a move that puts the final nail in the coffin of the dangerous Atkins diet, struggling no-carb business Eat Well Be Well couldn’t find anyone who is still on this harmful and risky diet plan anymore so they were forced to permanently shut down their operations. This comes as no surprise considering all the controversial health problems that this ridiculous high-fat diet is believed to cause. Frankly, it’s surprising that there are any low-carb business still in existence today!

You might be laughing at my little mock news story, but you know that’s EXACTLY how they would report a low-carb business that has decided to shut down. It’s gotta be a sign that low-carb the diet is dead, something that we often heard about right after Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. filed for bankruptcy in 2005 (they have since survived the bankruptcy and back prospering again as Collette Heimowitz said in my interview with her last year thanks to some of the bestselling high-protein bars on the market today).

But the sad part about this mock story is that the manufacturer Eat Well Be Well really has been forced to go out of business. If you go to EatWellBeWell.com right now, then you will see a two-sentence farewell announcement from the company.

Find out more about why we have to say a final farewell to sugar-free, low-carb product manufacturer Eat Well Be Well by clicking here.


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