Are The New Sugar-Free Girl Scout Cookies Low-Carb?

Filed under: New Product — @ February 26, 2007

Now the Girl Scouts offer a sugar-free cookie called Little Brownies

Give yourself a big pat on the back because I think we may have had an influence with the decision makers at the Girl Scouts after something I blogged about last year. Long-term readers will remember this blog post I wrote in January 2006 about Girl Scout cookies and how they were teaching little girls that it’s okay to push a product that is loaded with sugar and excessive carbohydrates.

That’s why I urged my readers at the time to e-mail the Girl Scouts directly with their concerns regarding the absence of any kind of Girl Scout cookie for diabetics and low-carbers and to encourage them to make a sugar-free cookie available next year.

Apparently, they listened to us! :)

Find out more about the new Little Brownies sugar-free Girl Scout cookie and whether it is an appropriate food for people on the low-carb lifestyle by clicking here.


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