200-Pound Third-Grader Needs More Than A Diet

Filed under: In The News — @ March 1, 2007

8-year old Connor McCreaddie is pushing 200 pounds

Have you heard the 196-pound third-grader in the UK? Yep, you heard me right! This kid is almost TWO-HUNDRED POUNDS right now! Jeepers creepers!

His name is Connor McCreaddie and this 8-year old little boy ain’t so little anymore–he already weighs as much as many full-grown adult men do. And now child protective services has issued a warning to his mother for Connor to lose weight or else they will take him away from her on grounds of neglect.

Nicola McKeown, Connor’s mother who lives in Wallsend, North Tyneside in Great Britain, says she realizes Connor is four times the weight he should be for his age. To her credit, she has tried to help him lose weight through an unknown diet program since December when he weighed in at a whopping 218 pounds (that’s almost what I weigh!).

Despite losing 21 pounds over the past couple of months, though, McKeown recently got an official letter representing child protective services, Connor’s school principal, and the local health agency requesting her to appear before them to determine whether she is really doing enough to help Connor lose weight or not. If not, then they have already threatened to remove Connor from her care to give him the help he needs.

Wanna know what McKeown’s excuse is for letting Connor’s weight to get as high as it has? She believes she has not received enough help to know how to raise her kid properly. Ya know, that sorta begs the question–why did you have a child back in 1999 if you couldn’t take care of him in the first place? Gasp! Nobody is supposed to ask that question, but I just did!

This story about Connor is one of those unintended consequences of promoting the same old low-fat, low-calorie, portion control dietary recommendations that we’ve been forced to endure for generations by our government and health leaders. You know, Connor would do very well if he started on a low-carb diet and I would venture to say he would not balk at the delicious choice of foods he could eat while bringing his weight back down into a healthier range.

What do you think about Connor’s conundrum? Click here to read more about this sad story and to share your feedback about what his mother should do about his weight.


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